A Weekly Wrap

Poppy at Salamanca Market

Another week has passed and Friday is upon us already!

With hints of Spring in the air, we have enjoyed a party for Nick’s 40th birthday, our 7th Wedding Anniversary, Book Week costumes galore and a mid-week night away on the boat.

Nick picked me up from work on Wednesday afternoon, which was a beautiful day in Hobart – we grabbed the kids and jumped on the boat with Nick’s brother Will, his wife Tup and their gorgeous girls.  We cruised to Fish Frenzy for dinner and then continued on and anchored off Nutgrove Beach.  Poppy and James went to bed and Nick and I watched a movie to the gentle sway of the swell.  I love Hobart and how easy it is to access nature, even on school-night, whether it be by boat, bike or foot.

It is a rainy day here today and we are cooking pancakes for breakfast, doing puzzles, playing with train sets and resisting that daily urge to pop the tellie on before we go to Hill Street to stock up the pantry.  Xx

Hill Street Grocers

Freesias at Salamanca Market

The bar is ready to go

Tup, Keith, Nick and Annabelle

Alice, Tup & Anna

The Girls and their necklaces

Post Party Nibbles

Post Party Nibbles

Post Party Dance

Post Party Dance

Seven Years Ago

Book Week

Book Week

Two Folk Cafe


Curly Haired Cousins  Our view for the night

Back to work - Mt Wellington & Wrest Point Casino

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