Turning Four

The Birthday Girl

Our little Poppy turned four today!

It has felt like this day has been coming for a long time with Poppy continually asking the question over the past year:

How many more minutes until I’m four Mummy?

We have been in Orford for the weekend and had one very excited girl this morning opening her presents to find a pink fluro fishing rod with LED flashing lights, which Nick has named ‘The Pink Ling’.

On return to Hobart, we went out on the boat this afternoon to test out the new gear and low and behold she caught her first fish!

What more could a four-year old want?  Well … as I tucked her into bed she asked:

Mummy, how many more minutes until I’m five?

Sigh ….

The Pink Ling

Turning 4

The Pink Ling

The Loot

The Pink Ling



The Birthday Girl

The Birthday Girl

Captain Maisy

Captain Maisy

Boat Keys

Poppy's Tackle Box

Setting up

Poppy and her Dad


Birthday Girl


James & Poppy

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