Wild Oats XI Welcome

Wild Oates IX

Hobart certainly turned on the welcome for Wild Oats XI as they sailed in to accept their first line honours in the Rolex Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race on a perfect Sunday afternoon.

We were fortunate to be out on the water with Nick’s parent’s where we enjoyed a relaxing lunch at Maryanne’s, awaiting the spectacle to begin.  We then entered the craziness of the flotilla, managed a wave from the crew and then were spat out into the ‘washing machine’!  Boy are those maxi yachts fast?

Poppy was holding on, James was safely asleep in his bunk and we were on cloud nine with all the excitement.  Helicopters flying overhead, pleasure craft everywhere and thousands of people lining the shores to see these sailors cruise through to their eighth win!  Fabulous.

Here is a video of our experience!  Xx

James and I

A beautiful day

James and Nick



Pops and Bear

Wild Oats XI

Wild Oats XI

Wild Oats XI

Wild Oats XI

Wild Oats XI

Wild Oats XI

Nick, myself, Pops and Barb

So exciting!

The crew

Wild Oats XI



Pops pointing out Camanche


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