Social Butterflies

Diver Poppy

We have had a fantastic weekend … and one with lots of social engagements!

On Friday night I went along to the annual Tasmanian Tourism Awards with my dear friends and colleagues in the industry – Nic, Annabelle and Anne.  We met at my place where Nick popped open a bottle of Jansz as we added the final touches to our make-up, swapped under garment tricks and tips and enjoyed the fun of getting dolled-up together!  I had a great night and got to bed far too late.

Tasmania Tourism Awards


Tourism Awards

Tourism Awards

Annabelle, Nicole & Anne

Annabelle, Larni & Anne


On Saturday we went to Jackman & McRoss to meet Nick’s family for a coffee and then I took Poppy to her first 4th birthday party.  Her friends from daycare had a wonderful time playing ‘Pass the Parcel’ and all the other classic games!  On Saturday afternoon we celebrated a 70th Birthday.

Nick & Pops in Battery Point

Tourism Awards On Sunday we popped the Speedy Boat in the water and zoomed across the river to Triworks – a gorgeous little deserted beach 20 minutes away from Hobart by water.  I had an expectation of lazing around in the sun, reading the papers, eating nice food whilst the children built sand castles.  Mmmm … I should have known better as James was a fiend for the waves.  We couldn’t keep him out of the water and he needed constant supervision … hence no lazing around.  He is going to be a little water baby, just like his sister.

We also saw the new Brooke Street Pier being floated into place.  In the afternoon we hung out at home in the sun, eating apples, playing and generally making a mess of the house!  A wonderful weekend indeed.  Xx

Brooke Street Pier

Speedy Boat











IMG_2047  IMG_2013

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