Dombo ♥

Dombo CupI recently came across this adorable cup via Thirteen Red Shoes and immediately ordered one for James (or was that for me?).  Bec even hand-delivered the Dombo directly to our door, beautifully wrapped.  Now that is service for you – thank you!

Dombo (a.k.a. Domoor) by Richard Hutten for Gispen is a happy cup with big ears for handles.

Dombo’s design refers to the human ear; the only part of the body that keeps growing during a lifetime.  The big handle offers grip, which suits young and old.  This decorative cup can also be used as a pen holder or herb container in the kitchen.

Dombo Cup - White

James and his Dombo





Dombo Cup

One comment on “Dombo ♥

  1. Rebecca
    Saturday, 30 August 2014 at 10:22 am #

    I am so pleased you love. I have just adored curating my little space with my favourite five items to be altered every few months. A lovely little project for me!

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