Cousin ♥


Nick went away for his annual winter boys boat weekend and I took Poppy and James to Launceston to meet their new baby cousin – Lily.  We stayed with Nick’s parents where Poppy played ‘elastics’, enjoyed craft and read lots of books with her Bea Bea and Bear!

We visited my parents and also had lunch with my sister, Janelle and her three girls.  Poppy was in her element playing with her cousins with a bounty of ballerina and princess costumes at her disposal.

On return, we caught up at the IXL Atrium for a coffee with my other sister Cath.  It was a fun family weekend, but we were all very excited to see ‘Daddy’ return home yesterday afternoon.  Xx

Maggie, Poppy, Lily & Tup

Poppy, James & Maggie

Maggie, James & Poppy

Poppy flower

Poppy Flower

The crew

Bob the Builder

The IXL Atrium

Apologies for the grainy photos in this post – they were mostly taken with my iPhone in less than favourable conditions.  ♥

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