Sneaky Peek : Speedy Boat

Watermans Dock - Hobart

Saturday in Hobart was the quintessential winter’s day.  A clear, frosty morning making way for the most beautiful still day.

No Saturday sleep-in for our household with Poppy and James up and at ’em by 6:30am.  After mooching about at home for a while we decided to head out for breakfast, only to realise T42 didn’t open for another half-an-hour!  Like desperadoes, we went for a wander to the Salamanca Market and returned to savour a hearty breakfast.

Sullivans Cove

Jamesy Boy

Out for Breakfast

Sullivans Cove


My boat-loving husband has just taken his hobby to a whole new level and picked up a steal on Gumtree with this 1978 original Pride Cheetah fibreglass boat, or as Poppy calls it:

Daddy’s speedy boat!

Nick justified his purchase by admitting it was a present for James’ 1st birthday.  Mmmmmm – I’m not sure about that??

We all piled into this little beauty from the 70’s, complete with orange vinyl ‘back-to-back’ seats and took it for a spin on a beautifully calm Derwent River.  The Captain was very happy because:

A:  His daughter kept asking him to go faster

B:  His son fell into a deep slumber en route

C:  His reticent wife had a smirk on her face!

Looks like we will be water-skiing and wake-boarding this summer!

Speedy Boat

Poppy in her speedy boat

Speedy Boat

Speedy Boat

Speedy Boat

James - asleep

Speedy Boat

Nick and Poppy

Speedy Boat

Speedy Boat

Speedy Boat


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