International Blog Swap Day

IBSDToday I have the privilege of sharing my blog with Annwen from Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy in England as part of International Blog Swap Day:

Digital Parents are excited to have teamed up with Tots100, UK’s most exciting network for Mum and Dad bloggers to create the first ever International Blog Swap Day – a fab opportunity for Digital Parent bloggers to step into the shoes of a UK blogger for a day – and host a UK blogger on your own blog.

I am thrilled to host Annwen’s post with you all today.  Enjoy …

Hi, I’m Annwen,  I’m visiting from Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy blog in the depths of Yorkshire in the UK.

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I’m featuring here on The Poppy Files as part of the International Blog Swap Day event. My blog tells tales from suburbia, I like to describe it as almost but not quite living the suburban dream. We live in a beautiful village near enough to big towns but still enjoying lots of countryside – for me it’s the best balance of both, I wouldn’t want to live somewhere too rural because I like having access to good nights out and shopping too much but I love that we can walk out of our front door and be in fields within two minutes.

Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy BlogOur family consists of myself, Annwen, I’m an Office Manager in a teacher training office, I work part-time so I still have lots of time with the kids. I work because I like my independence and I need to be challenged. Being at home with the children is fantastic but I love my job and can’t imagine not working. I do find the balance of working, running a home and raising a family can be tough but I think I muddle through ok most of the time!

My husband, known as R, is a Bank Manager, he works really hard to look after our family and is my best friend. We’ve been married nearly 8 years now and it’s flown by, we got married in Orlando, Florida and it’s one of our favourite places in the world. I can’t wait until the children are old enough to take them for a visit!

We have two children, C, our son, is 5. He is a very loving child, always thinking of others and putting people before himself. He loves to be outdoors and will happily play in the garden for hours on end. He loves Angry Birds, Lego and sticker books, give him anything to do with those things and he would be happy for hours! Our main trouble with C at the moment is that if he could he would play on the iPad all day long, we’ve had to ration him to half an hour at most because otherwise we’d never see him! Summer time helps with that because he’d much rather be playing in the garden and he forgets about the TV or iPad when he can spend time outdoors!

LissyLou is our 3yr old. She is the bossy one of the family. She likes things done her way and will tell you very quickly if you get it wrong. She is also a sweetheart, cute as a button and she wraps her Daddy around her little finger. She recently started Ballet Lessons and I love how hard she is working to practice her steps and moves. It’s very sweet watching her dance with her teacher, Miss Ruth, she loves her and always behaves beautifully at ballet class. She is madly in love with Harry from One Direction and can spot pictures of him from miles away, it’s a strange obsession for one so small but it only seems to grow!

If you would like to know more about our lives, our ups, downs and all the in-betweens I hope you will visit over at Ramblings Of A Suburban Mummy (

Annwen xx

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