Sneaky Peek : Be Careful What You Wish For

Poppy & FInn

I am a shocker for always looking toward the future and thinking “Oh, when James is 6 months old, I will be out of the newborn fog“;  “When Poppy turns three she will be...” or “When I go back to work it will be easier“!  What am I saying – these days are blessed.

When James looks up at me with those loving eyes and gives me a little smile and coos – why would I want to wish away these days?  Before long he will be running out the door with his friends and his Mum will be seriously uncool.

I guess I have always struggled with the “Catastrophe Syndrome“, so perfectly described by my friend Anne.  I find I hold my breath and wonder if the children are going to sleep well, if they are going to eat all their dinner, if they are teething or coming down with an ear infection?  I then catch myself out and think – what is the worse thing that can happen?  Nick is fantastic for me in this regard – taking on the pragmatic approach and providing a level playing field during my anxious moments.

Each day I look at my gorgeous family and am forever grateful for this journey I am on … bumps and all!

Ps – Speaking of teething, Poppy woke up crying at 5 am this morning and said:

Mummy, my mouth is sore, down my hole (pointing down her throat).  Sore throat perhaps?



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