Miss P

I’ve noticed with many of the ‘Mummy Blogs’ I read, the names of their children are kept ambiguous with no photos posted.  As much as I love their content, I find the sites are a tease as my curiosity is heightened by the unknown.  I wonder if ‘Miss A’ is actually Amelie, Alice, Amber, Ava or perhaps Audrey?  As I am such a visual person I wonder if ‘Miss A’ has curls, blue eyes or dimples?

I totally respect the Mums decision to withhold this information, but to be honest I find I don’t re-visit the sites as often as I otherwise would, as I don’t connect with the subject matter.

It got me thinking about my blog and how I have unashamedly documented and exposed parts of our world, and my family for all to see. I mean heck, there is no denying our daughters name – I have it emblazoned in bold in my blog title … no ‘Miss P’ here.

However, I am conscious of being personable but not too personal, and sharing insights into our world but being respectful of loved ones.

I have always written my blog as a creative outlet as I navigate through the early years as a Mummy with a young family.  It serves as an electronic diary for me and my family and friends who are interested enough to follow my posts or to independently type in the URL.

The decision to be ambiguous from others has perhaps made me wonder whether Poppy will one day cringe that there are photos of her on the public domain in a tutu at the delightful chubby toddler stage, when she is 14!

Ah well, at least I will have a lot of material within easy reach to embarrass her at her 18th & 21st!

Miss P

Miss P:


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