Hobart ♥

Today I am loving Hobart!

I grew up in northern Tasmania and have lived in Hobart since 2005.  I have always been aware of the North/South:Launceston/Hobart divide with parochial comments about either place, depending on where you were from.

I find both areas/cities so beautiful.  Launceston nestling into it’s valley bowl, encompassed by the surrounding hills, beautiful architecture, parks and gardens.  Hobart perched on the edge of the southern oceans with Mt Wellington dominating the city skyline.

I have found Hobart has totally ‘spunked up’ over the past 5 years. There are so many amazing new cafes, restaurants, shops, festivals and of course we have to mention the ‘MONA effect’.

My favourite things about Hobart include:

So today, I just wish to share the love for my city!  xx

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