Faux Pas


I made a massive faux pas on Saturday afternoon, and one that I have learnt from!

Poppy and I were heading down to the yacht club to meet Nick and some friends for an afternoon cruise on the boat!  I had strapped Poppy in her car seat and realised I had left my camera in the house.  I ran back inside to grab it (as I couldn’t possibly miss out on a photo opportunity) and I got back to the garage only to find the car had automatically LOCKED!

Panic welled through my body and as much as I tried to ‘keep it together’ I just started crying.  Seeing her little face look up at me through the locked door – so innocent and pure – just got me.  Like a tease I saw the key sitting on the front passenger seat (that I had popped there when I was doing up her straps). The spare key was in my handbag in the boot.  Yes, I know … I know, you don’t have to say it!  Stupid Mum.

I have had years of training on Wilderness First Aid courses with full on scenarios – training to keep a cool and level head when you are faced with adverse situations in the outdoors with commercial clients.  However, faced with this situation I just couldn’t stop crying.

Through my tears I rang Nick to tell him I had locked our daughter in our car with both the keys and he was home in a flash.  I held it together just enough to ring RACT – but then Poppy started crying and saying:  “Get out?“, “Get out?“.  It was awful.  After Nick and I played peek-a-boo with her for what seemed like an eternity, the novelty wore off and she was quite upset.  I felt so guilty.

Our RACT ‘knight in shining armour’ turned up with his tools and managed to unlock the car with an implement that pressed the actual button on the key sitting on the seat!  I was so relieved – as was Poppy.  Mmmm … I hope she won’t need any therapy in the future.

After all the drama we had a lovely afternoon on the boat with Tracy, Sarah and Cath and I managed to calm my nerves with their good company and the calmness of the water.  Lesson learnt = don’t leave your keys in a European car, as it will automatically lock!


On another note:

My good friend Eve (who I met at Pregnancy Yoga and Antenatal class when we were pregnant the first time) had a little baby boy – Max Dominic on Friday.  Poppy and I went to the Hobart Private yesterday morning to meet Flynn’s new little brother.  Poppy was quite taken with him – patting his cheek and blanket.  He is so gorgeous.  Bless.  xx



One comment on “Faux Pas

  1. Tim
    Monday, 20 May 2013 at 4:24 pm #

    What a stress that incident must have been, I am glad to hear that you all got through it OK.

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