I am right in the midst of a ‘nesty’ mode at home, and have been busy in the past couple of months planning our new bedroom renovation, before our baby arrives in early August.

Poppy is going to move into our existing room, whilst the new bubba will move into her room.  We are doing up another bedroom for our ‘parents retreat’  This room has always been used as a spare/junk room and hasn’t been touched ‘cosmetically’ since we have lived here for the past 5 years.

I am feeling frustrated though – our painter has only been able to start next week, and everything else hinges on that.

I have finally ordered the blinds but only after many trips to the store to look at samples.  And then there is the carpet – there have been so many samples that have been paraded around the house for the past month, I am so confused!  Cut pile plush, twist pile, wool, synthetic combination and the many colours!  Oilskin or Thoroughbred??


My latest deliberation (at 4:00 am this morning) is the wardrobe configuration and finishes from IKEA – Nexus, Malm, birch veneer, white????IKEA

Arrrggghhh – I am so frustrating because I look forward to new projects at home, but when the crunch comes, I just can’t seem to make a decision.  I think I need to ‘get a life’ and stop sweating the small stuff!


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