IMG_7937I was very proud of myself on Friday night!  Cath (my sister) had popped around to have an after work ‘catch up’ including a beer (for her) and some chippies.  She was going out after our place to Rektango and as I was clearing up after Poppy’s dinner, I said:  “Wow, I would love to come to Rektango – it’s been ages”.

I looked at the clock – 7 pm (Poppy’s bedtime), I looked at Nick and said: “Let’s go!”  We rugged Poppy up, bundled her in the car and told her we were going to a ‘party’ which she seemed very excited about.

Poppy was a little awestruck at first – at being out at night, all the people and the music.  However, she quickly warmed up and was dancing vigorously on her Dad’s shoulders.  We were home and had her tucked in to bed by 8.15 pm (she even sampled some of her Dad’s Dim Sims on a stick)!

Ah, a refreshing Friday night where I can jump out of my routine now and then!  Ha, ha! Xx


Rektango is a FREE live music event held every Friday evening from 5:30pm – 7:30pm in The Courtyard (weather pending).

Kick-started by Tania Bosak in 2000, Rektango has become a Hobart Institution. This family friendly is the perfect way to finish the week: a chat with friends, great music and a good dance!

Bands rotate weekly and span many genres, including funk, reggae, soul, blues, rock and much much more!





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