2 Years Old Today!


Here is our little cherub when she was a wee baby and today, Poppy turns TWO!  Oh how she has grown.


It is difficult to articulate the joy Poppy has brought Nick and I over the past two years.  Seeing her in these photos as a tiny little baby almost feels like she was a different person.  This time two years ago I was in a whole world of pain, but it was definitely all worth it when at 10.08 pm she was brought into our world!


I think I have been more excited about Poppy’s Birthday than anyone.  We are having a party this afternoon for some of her little friends, and I have been baking and decorating her cake, wrapping her presents and reminiscing about the past two years!

This morning Nick and I went into Poppy’s room singing “Happy Birthday” and she repeatedly pronounced:  “Poppy’s Birthday“!  She was very happy about her new Mini Micro Scooter and Nutcase Helmet.






One comment on “2 Years Old Today!

  1. Tim
    Friday, 19 April 2013 at 2:59 pm #

    I had it in my diary that it was Poppy’s Birthday today and thought I had better check the blog for the latest update. I hope she has had a wonderful day and that you are enjoying a warm (indoors) afternoon with loads of tasty baked deliciousness! PS: that is a great photo of Poppy with her new beanie in the previous post!

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