Light Up The Derwent



We have had a very ‘social’ weekend, so much so that I am only going to concentrate on Friday night in this post (watch this space tomorrow for a recap of the remainder of the weekend).

Nick and I, my sister Cath and her daughter Bronte entered the ‘Light Up The Derwent’ event in celebration of Wrest Point Casino’s 40 years of operation.  Nick spent many hours illuminating “Tagus” with numerous christmas lights before the big event, where his electrical skills came in very handy.  There are great prizes to be won, and so our competitive spirit came out!

We rafted up with the Butler’s and their yacht “Iverus” to discuss our tactics and then at 9:00 pm we entered the ‘Parade of Lights’ behind the “Lady Nelson”.  We felt quite famous as we cruised passed the Casino and the crowds.  We even had a little boogie on board!

It was a beautiful evening and all the boats looked fabulous … now we just have to wait until they announce the winners!

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