A ‘Whale’ of a Time

Recherche Bay

We have had a wonderful family holiday away on the boat for five days. This was our ‘personal best’ in regards to the duration on-board with Poppy. She was a real little champ – sleeping for 12 hours each night and maintaining her day time sleeps on board.  She absolutely loves the beach, shells, dolphins, the dinghy and is a real little ‘salty sea dog!’

Salty Sea Dog

We meandered our way down ‘The Channel’ reaching our southern destination of Cockle Creek and Recherche Bay on Monday morning, in moody light and calm waters.  The weather wasn’t that great, but we enjoyed our time playing on the beautiful beaches and walking to the Bronzed Whale Sculpture.

It was Maisy’s 4th Birthday on Monday and she loved the special treats she received – runs on the beach, a sausage, lots of pats and even a Happy Birthday song!

Each morning Poppy would wake up next to us in her little cot and the first word she would say is:  “BOAT”!  Nothing like pointing out the obvious. Bless xx

South West Tasmania

One comment on “A ‘Whale’ of a Time

  1. James
    Tuesday, 29 January 2013 at 10:35 am #

    Amazing photos of down South – I’ve turned a shade green. What a great Holiday – brings back a stack of memories of beautiful baby girls rocking it with the oldies!

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