Bok Bok – Jo’s Hens Day


I have been really excited about Jo Jo’s Hens Day as it has been an occasion I have been looking forward to, since the depths of winter.

I have known Jo for many years now and I actually met her through her fiancé, Ben who has been a good friend of mine for a long time.  She is such a fabulous woman!  A woman who loves adventures, the outdoors and quirky fashion.  I am so happy for her and Ben and it was wonderful to help celebrate her Hen’s Day.

I love the lead up to a Hen’s Day … the numerous emails flinging between the bridesmaids and the group of women to share in such special occasions.  Sophie sent many comprehensive emails with details about the location, directions, food, what we needed to bring (a wig and crazy sunglasses) and so on.  I also enjoy coming together with a group of women that you don’t necessarily know to celebrate a mutual friend’s impending marriage.

I spent more time in Melbourne before heading up to Healesville.  I had my favourite Avocado Bruschetta at The Journal Cafe in Flinders Lane (I have tried making this at home, but just can’t get it right)!  I then picked up Neeta in Richmond and we drove to Healesville, chatting all the way (we actually did get a little lost, but finally made it).  The day was held at a beautiful family property, a house rich with history and fond memories.

Avocado BrushcettaThe JournalThe Journal

Hopetoun Tea RoomsHopetoun Tea Rooms

Tiffany & Co

I will let the photos speak for themselves, as the experience is very difficult to articulate. The food, the women, the location, the games, seeing old friends, acquainting with new ones and celebrating Jo’s special day. Xx

The Magical Driveway

NeetaJo & NeetaJo Jo's Wreath Crown


Georgia looking gorgeousThe GirlsBeautiful Women, Beautiful LocationThe PoolJo Jo getting pampered

Yum!Dessert Anyone?Larni & JoCrazy Cats

Georgie & KatieCelebrity HeadsCelebrity HeadsThe Magical Driveway

I flew home yesterday afternoon and I was very excited to hug my little girl. She was nonplussed about my return, as she was too busy playing with her older cousin Ruby!  We had re-bonded by the time I tucked her into bed and tickled her little toes.

One comment on “Bok Bok – Jo’s Hens Day

  1. Georgio
    Friday, 7 December 2012 at 2:39 pm #

    Gorgeous photos Larni, and beautiful words to capture the moments! XX

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