Sneaky Peek : Rafting

Today is a sneaky peek into my pre-Poppy work.  In 2010, we took our Certificate IV Tourism (Guiding) students on a two-day rafting trip down the Picton and Huon Rivers in Southern Tasmania.  I am no Rafting Guide and had called in the experts (Heather & Matt), but I went along and we had a fabulous time.

I’ve been fortunate and have rafted a few amazing rivers over the years.  In 2006 I rafted the Franklin River in South West Tasmania with work and remains my all time favourite.  In 1996 I was in Nepal for a couple of months and rafted the Kali Gandaki River, with Ultimate Descents which was also amazing.

There is something so visually appealing to me about rafting.  Apart from the journey and adventure, I love the contrast of the bright rafts and gear against the deep colours of nature.  I also love the medium of floating down a river, pulling into a beautiful campsite and sleeping under the stars with the sounds of the river nearby.  Such a simple pleasure.

I was actually 2 months pregnant at the time of this trip and since then, have found out that rafting is not recommended when pregnant.  Oops.

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