A Freycinet Frolic

We spent the weekend with our friends Marcus, Emma and their son Hugo at Coles Bay and enjoyed the Freycinet Peninsula.  We arrived on Friday night after an interesting trip up the East Coast.  Poppy didn’t really sleep as we had planned and once we arrived she took a long time to settle in her Porta-a-Cot.  Man those cots are a nightmare to put up – it kept collapsing on us.

On Saturday we loaded up the boat and were whisked down to Schouten Island, where we had a lovely picnic on the white, white sand.  Poppy got so excited about the water she walked right in to the waves with her shoes on!  We love this part of our coastline and I cherish the ability to show Poppy these amazing places.

Marcus and Nick went diving in the afternoon and Emma and I had wonderful plans of reading trashy mags, but our plans were foiled.  Running after two dogs, and an 18 month old in a ‘non-baby proof’ shack was exhausting.  Poppy was obsessed with opening all the drawers and cupboards and playing with the vanilla essence and wine glasses. Needless to say we didn’t get much reading done!

On Sunday, Marcus and Emma dropped us off in the boat to Hazards Beach where Nick and I walked across the isthmus to Wineglass Bay. Poppy was so excited about seeing this famous beach, she fell asleep!

The boys had another dive in the afternoon and brought back four crayfish and lots of abalone!  Yum.

What a wonderful weekend!  xx


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