Adventurous Spirit

I had a lovely birthday on Friday and was very spoilt by Nick, my friends and family.  Nick bought be a Kindle, which I am very excited about.

Initially when electronic readers were released I was quite dubious about reading a book ‘on-line’ as I love the written word on paper and actually holding a book. However after speaking to many people who are avid readers who did make the switch – said they would never go back!  I love reading, but what do you do with the all the books after their stories have been told? I have now downloaded a novel based in Paris and I look forward to my new era of reading.

Poppy was very clever and bought me some beautiful products from Lush (as we love our bath times together) and even wrote me a card:

Nick and I went out on Friday night with our friends, Juliet and Alistair. Juliet also celebrates her birthday on the 5th and it was nice to be out!

Yesterday we had a wonderful day on Bruny Island, where we caught the ferry and went for a walk to Grassy Point in Adventure Bay.  Little Poppy wasn’t in form due to a stubborn molar that is taking a while to surface, but I think she enjoyed the fresh air and hitching a ride in the backpack with Mum.  I love watching her discovering new aspects of nature as she picked up shells and rocks on the beach (with sandwich in hand).  She is such an adventurous little spirit.  xx

One comment on “Adventurous Spirit

  1. Tim
    Monday, 8 October 2012 at 10:15 am #

    So glad that you had a great Birthday! That pack looks huge in the photo of yourself and Poppy and the cliffs, I am surprised you didn’t topple over.
    As for the kindle! I am probably even more excited than you are. We must talk/catch up soon. I have been thinking about one for quite a while, they are so light and good value for money. I love that they are readable ink rather than the glare etc of an ipad (although I do love the ipad too, different tools for different jobs). I have often thought how great a kindle would be for traveling, cycle touring, outdoor adventures, the battery’s apparently last for ages. I am like you in that I do love to hold a book, but it is the efficiency of e reading that makes it a step forward. I traveled with someone through China last year who had a kindle and it was so handy, I was a bit envious.

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