Date Night

Last night, Nick and I went out on a little ‘date’!  Now that we are more ‘housebound’ with Poppy in the evening, I tend to go out with my girlfriends, whilst Nick stays at home, or he goes out with his mates.  I was mentioning this to my dear friend Annabelle, and her and her husband tend to do the same thing.  So, we devised a great little plan!  Every month/two months we are going to babysit for each other to enable us to hang out with our fellas!  Brilliant!!

Annabelle came to our place last night and Nick and I went out for a cheap and delicious meal at the Ivory Cafe and then the movie Hope Springs at the State Cinema.  It was really nice to be out with Nick.  Next week, I will look after Annabelle and Dan’s children.  Perfect.

We are being spoilt this week – as Poppy is having a little sleepover at her Grandparent’s place tonight.  Nick and I are going to go away on the boat for the night – with just us (oh and yes, Maisy is coming too).  We are catching up with our friends James and Leesa on their boat – Iverus.

It is currently raining, so I look forward to being all cosy in the boat, with a good book, nice food and dare I say it … a sleep in!

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