Snow Pop

On Saturday we went to Mt. Field for Poppy’s first experience in the snow!

I had grand plans of doing the Lake Dobson circuit, but the day was dreadful.  After dressing Pops in all her layers and loading her into the backpack, the weather deteriorated even more and we ended up walking 50 metres to the shelter! We certainly didn’t break any records in the distance department.

We retreated down the mountain and found more snow to play in (without the bitterly cold wind)! Poppy thought it was quite funny when her Mum & Dad started throwing snowballs at each other (and her).

We finished off our adventure with a walk to Russell Falls. I am so looking forward to spending more time with Poppy and Nick in the mountains this summer…and this was definitely a good warm up!

One comment on “Snow Pop

  1. Heidi
    Monday, 10 September 2012 at 11:13 am #

    Great photos, Larnie! Poppy seems to be tougher than her parents–no beanie, no gloves 🙂 You picked a good day for Mt Field (not!)

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