Ah Paris – The City of Light. I arrived from London on the Eurostar this afternoon and when I stepped off the train at Paris’ Gare du Nord my heart skipped a beat! I have been dreaming of a little Parisian sojourn for many years.

I settled into my hotel – Hotel De Notre Dame and had a chat to Nick on FaceTime. It was good to show him a glimpse of my room and the Paris skyline beyond.

I wandered along the Seine and around the Left Bank.

My first impressions of Paris include:
– Women look very stylish riding bikes in high heels
– Everyone appears to smoke (yet only the French can make it look chic’!)
– Driver’s don’t really obey the pedestrian lights
– Everyone looks as though they have just stepped out of a designer store
– The light really is beautiful! x

One comment on “Bonsoir

  1. Tim
    Saturday, 4 August 2012 at 4:00 pm #

    OMG!!! I just had a look at the link to your hotel…are you ever going to return??? Women riding bikes in high heels! The light! Oh God! Have you caught up with Garance? I hope Paris continues to enchant you.

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