Go for Gold

Day 4 – Tuesday

Today I spent the day in London, immersing in the buzz of the Olympic city whilst Bron and Jerome went to watch the Women’s Gymnastics at the North Greenwich Arena.

Oh my … retail therapy overdrive! I just loved wandering in and out of all the amazing boutiques and I lost time in Liberty of London (thanks Alison for the tip) and Selfridges Shoe Gallery! A very different shopping experience to downtown Hobart!

I even felt slightly overwhelmed with all the beautiful people and all the beautiful products…just so many things to look at, all at once! As a result, you will be surprised to hear that I only bought two handkerchiefs from Liberty all day!

Oh I do love a big city.

In the evening I met Bron at South Bank, where she dragged me onto the ominous looking ‘Star Flyer’ ride. After weighing up my options, I did make a little protest saying I had ‘responsibilities’ in life now. No sooner had I finished the sentence (and our beers) and I was being whisked to the heavens, where Bron said: “Don’t worry, I’ve got kids too“. Lucky they have responsible Daddies! xx

One comment on “Go for Gold

  1. Tim
    Saturday, 4 August 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    Only two hankies! You will have to step it up for Paris!
    Love the comment “oh I do love a big city”, as that is exactly how I have often felt when I have just arrived into some of the world’s major centers. Enjoy it!

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