Magazine Moments

Ah those delightful magazine moments are few and far between these days!

However, on Monday when Poppy was in care,  I had an appointment  and in the warm and cosy waiting room were several current fashion mags, vying for my attention.  I settled on the Harper’s Bazaar and enjoyed that simple pleasure of flicking through the pages, savouring ‘the beautiful people’.

Totally in my own world, I started reading a really interesting article. I was only part way through when I heard my name called!  Arrrggghhh – it was too soon, I really wanted to finish off the article. Imagine if you said…‘Actually I am just in the middle of something, would you mind waiting a moment?’

Isn’t it ironic – a waiting room with a plethora of good, juicy magazines to choose from = short waiting time for you.  As opposed to a waiting room with the only choice of Reader’s Digest or PC World = what seems FOREVER! x

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