Voucher Doubt

As you probably have figured out, I don’t mind the odd shopping foray! However, my purchases are very measured and I do carry out my research.

Have you noticed that when your budget doesn’t allow, you walk into one of your favourite stores and see SO many items that are beckoning to come home with you.  But I find it quite ironic when you DO have a Gift Voucher or a Credit Note at a particular store, you walk in almost salivating with excitement of choosing that special something, and BAM…nothing is jumping out at you.  You think it is just the current stock and so you come back the next month and still…NOTHING!

Perhaps it is the underlying pressure to make a decision in a certain timeframe.  Decisions aren’t my strong point…I am a Libran so I am always balancing the scales.

As you can see, I have had these vouchers for Inside Home & Gifts and Charlie’s Bucket in my handbag for quite some time.  One day I will find that special item looking for a good home.

One comment on “Voucher Doubt

  1. Tim
    Friday, 11 May 2012 at 9:24 am #

    I know the dilemma, as we were discussing the other day I have had a voucher for Paddy Pallin for ages, and I try and try again to find something that I need. No luck so far but you would think that I would have to be able to find something. I know at times in the past I would have bought virtually everything in the store. I like that sentence “my purchases are very measured and I do carry out my research”.

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