The Friendly Snub

Is there such a thing as a friendly snub?

I found myself in an interesting social situation last week when I went to The State to see a movie with my friend Melissa.  As we walked in, I noticed another friend of mine…Annabelle, sitting talking with two of her friends (whom I also know).  I was about to go over and say ‘Hi‘ when I noticed they were in a deep, engaging conversation.  I realised I would have had to make introductions and they seemed so ‘self-contained’, so I made the split decision not to go over.

You know those times….you have run into the supermarket to pick up a couple of things and you see a random colleague that you worked with in the late ’90’s browsing the dairy aisle.   It sounds awful to admit, but you just can’t be bothered going through the “Hi, how are you…what are you doing now…have you seen Cheryl lately?” routine.

Or have you been in the awkward situation when you are with a friend, and you bump into someone you know but just cannot remember their name? Ah – the embarrassment of having to ask them their name again so you can introduce your friend.   Sometimes it is just easier to ‘pretend’ not to have seen them.

Do you ever give the Friendly Snub, or am I the only rude one around here? x

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