Don’t Sweat the ‘Designer’ Stuff

I have acquired a penchant for designer furniture over the past several years, which is a bit of a concern!  I love the look of contemporary Scandinavian designs – that beautiful blonde timber which teams perfectly with white/grey tones.  

When I was pregnant my friends, Jen and Anja, expressed their concerns of how would I cope with baby/toddler paraphernalia cluttering our usually ‘obsessively’ neat home.  Good point…the truth was, I wasn’t sure how I was going to cope??  I just love beautiful, neat pieces!

When buying furniture for Poppy’s room, I researched so many cot options. Several years ago I saw the Leander Cot in a Home Beautiful Magazine and I lodged the thought away for safe keeping.  After much consideration/deliberation, Poppy now sleeps soundly (well mostly) in her beautiful cot, and I love it more and more everyday.  

But…the other day I gave Poppy an inappropriate ‘non-toy’ to distract her whilst I was paying bills on-line. She was happily playing away when I heard a bang, bang, bang! I turned around to admire our little cherub, when I gasped and couldn’t believe my eyes.  The bang, bang, bang was the ‘non-toy’ coming into contact with my original Artek Alvar Aalto stool.  Resulting in:

Deep breath…deep breath!!  In that moment – I learnt a valuable lesson.  As much as I have loved this stool for many years, I realised that it is just material ‘stuff’ and when she looked up at me with her big, beautiful eyes, all was forgiven!  


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