Furry Baby

This is Maisy – our furry baby!  She is a two and a half year old Hungarian Vizsla and we love her.  Like Poppy, she also has a multitude of nick-names and answers to any of the following: Maisel Dorfer, Big Fluff, Rooster, Von Vizsla or Bone Breath!

There have been quite a few adjustments on Maisy’s behalf when Poppy came to share our home, but all in all, it has been a successful transition.  Poppy is just starting to notice Maisy now, and laughs at her and reaches out to pat her.  I am sure they will be the best of buddies.

It has been known that I get confused with their names already, and have called Poppy “Maisy” and vice versa!  Whoops.

First Introduction

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