Where Do I Begin?

Here we are – this is little Poppy (or as we call her – the Squeaky Possum; Popsicle or Poppendorfer!).  She arrived into our world at 10:08 pm on the 19th April 2011.  So…she is now 4 months old and my husband – Nick and I, love her more and more each day.

Whilst Poppy keeps me busy each day, I have been yearning to use my brain and have decided to enter the ‘blogging’ world.  I have been inspired by other blogs from overseas and I look forward to having a project, whilst I nurture our little girl each day.  Maybe someone out there in cyber land may be interested, but starting this blog is more for me to write about my experiences of being a new mum!

Tonight I enjoyed formatting my blog and getting the colours just right! Now that it is all in place, I look forward to adding more snippets of my world!


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