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Busy : Busy


Our weeks are so full at the moment, with yet another one skipping by in what seemed like a heartbeat!

With a hint of Spring in the air I have enjoyed the slightly longer days and the ‘blossoming blossoms’.  We have had dinner with our extended family; gallery visits; Cup Cake Fundraising for Kinder; play dates at parks; a morning tea at a cute little country bakery and more Pilates.

I try to get to a class between three and four times a week and Saturday mornings have become a sacred ritual.  After sweating it out in class, my friend Melissa and I then wander around to Smolt where we banter about our past week, whilst enjoying a cuppa or two (and maybe a sneaky pastry)!  Xx

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Yoga : Pilates

Surya Namaskara

I find it a constant challenge to fit any form of structured exercise into my week, with working three days, doing extra freelance work, looking after Poppy and James and spending quality time with my family and friends!

I have been doing yoga in some form or other for the past 20 years, first enrolling in an Adult Education Course in Launceston.  I was living up at Ben Lomond at the time, working as a ski lift operator and would travel down from the mountain with my good friend Depha, for our weekly classes.

Since then, I have progressed on my journey with yoga, travelling to India and partaking in an intense residential course for 10 days in the Indian Himalaya.  Moving to Hobart I enrolled in more classes and found the most amazing teacher – Clare Raffety from Yoga from the Heart, and like finding the right man, she is the right teacher for me!

Clare Rafferty

She is a very inspirational teacher and I love her classes – even though I often find it difficult to get to my 7:15 pm session on Monday nights, after a busy day at work and running out the door at that time of night … but I always feel better for going.

After having Poppy, I met a whole new range of gorgeous women, who were heavily into their Pilates at The Studio Salamanca.  After their invitations to join them, I remained staunch and loyal for several months … “No I’m a Yoga girl” but listening to their experiences, made me want to dip my toe in the water.

I signed up for a one-on-one Reformer Pilates class with my new friend Em in December and I haven’t looked back.  Even though I felt like I was cheating on my old friend ‘Yoga’ at first, I have become slightly obsessed with Pilates and have felt that I have become physically stronger since starting.  I now fit early morning Pilates classes in on Saturday and Sunday and lunch time sessions when I can.

I have quickly realised that there is room in my world for both Yoga and Pilates and each bring an awareness, agility, strength and peace to my mind and body.  Hari OM!

The Studio Salamanca

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