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Black + White + Yellow ♥

Yellow is probably my least favourite colour, however when it is teamed with black and white it takes on a whole new persona.

I recently found a yellow/gold sheepskin in the cupboard that my friend Anja, handed down to us when Poppy was a baby.  I slung it over her Eames Rocker (a reproduction from Click On Furniture) and bammm … what a winner!  It looks lovely against the charcoal carpet and white walls, and it is oh so comfy.

After a bit of surfing on-line, it seems to be quite the colour combination.  There is even a Pinterest site solely devoted to Black-White-Yellow!


Twigseeds ♥

Today I am loving Twigseeds:

Twigseeds is the nest and nom de plume of the wonderfully whimsical Australian Illustrator and artist, Kate Knapp.

First hatched in Brisbane in the mid 90s, Twigseeds is famous for its colourful and curious characters, the art prints, cards, stationery and books they inhabit, and the unique perspective
they share.

Parades of curious creatures spring from Kate’s desk in the Twigseeds studio. Some are shy and timid, needing a little encouragement and a biscuit or three. While other, more flamboyant types, are thrilled to their twinkling toes with the attention.

With wide eyes and smiling beaks, twitching whiskers and wagging tails, they take their sunny stories to the world.

I recently purchased the affirmation cards from Twigseeds that sit on top of my dressing table.  I like changing the cards daily to be greeted with beautiful words and whimsical characters:

I have also started following the artist’s blog – Ruby Red Shoes:

Ruby Red Shoes is a white hare who lives in a prettily painted caravan with her grandmother.

Ruby is gentle and kind, cheery and enchanting. She loves animals and people, trees and nature, flowers and sunshine.

Ruby is particularly partial to strawberry jam and peppermint tea. She is also rather fond of red shoes.

It looks as though Ruby has recently been to Paris too.  xx

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