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Liberty ♥

Poppy is still quite unwell with her virus and as a result we have been at home for the past three days.  Needless to say I have done a wee bit of surfing on the web to stay in touch with the ‘outside’ world.

During my cyber travels I came across this patchwork quilt from Treehouse Textiles:


I have never been a huge fan of the traditional patchwork quilt as I find them a little busy for me, but I really love the combination of these contemporary spots and stripes with the traditional floral.  I now feel quite inspired to make a quilt for Poppy.

Since then I have started researching all the fab fabrics out there and I always come back to the traditional Liberty floral.  I love that Poppy’s Madame Constance is sporting a Liberty Tana Lawn:

Madame Constance

Time to get that sewing machine out and get crafty – the fabrics are all so gorgeous and these are some of my favourites:

Liberty Fabrics

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