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Sneaky Peek : Mountains

As I am currently cocooned in newborn baby mania, I have been yearning a meander through the mountains.

For life to be stripped back to utter simplicity – eating, walking, sleeping. To feel connected to a world that has been left ‘untouched’ and in its natural form.  To feel rough dolerite on your hands as you scramble across the scree.  To feel the wind and rain whip against your face.  To feel the ache in your legs as you get summit fever and to reflect on your life from a vastly different perspective.

Ice Detail - Mt Hugel, Tasmania

Mt Hugel - Tasmania

The Franklin River

Mt Owen - New Zealand

Routeburn Track - New Zealand

Rossland - Canada

Rossland Backcountry - Canada

Rossland Backcountry - Canada

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