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Salt : Pepper ♥

Menu Salt & Pepper Grinder

Today I am loving these Menu Salt & Pepper Grinders available from Norsu Interiors:

Menu’s new Bottle Grinder is built for performance with a clear ambition to intrigue your senses. It leaves a powerful first impression due to sheer size and intensity but Menu has spiced up the grinder experience by flirting with the unconventional shape of a bottle.
An upside down design secures that salt or pepper sprinkles out, when you grind only. This way the grinder leaves no marks of salt or pepper on the table or in the kitchen.
  • Minimalistic bottle design
  • Grinder located on top
  • Coarseness adjustment by turning
  • Solid handle
Menu’s Bottle Grinder is powered by a durable performance ceramic grinder and comes in natural Scandinavian colours.

Menu Salt & Pepper Grinder  Menu Salt & Pepper Grinder Menu Salt & Pepper Grinder