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Eat : Shop : Laugh

Le Creuset

I’m back to reality now after having a wonderful weekend away in Melbourne with my dear girlfriends.  Welcome home to a brutal 5am wake up thanks to Master James; temper tantrums; numerous runny noses and a refusal of food that landed all over the kitchen floor.  Mmmm … take me back to The European for a loooooong brunch!

The European

I thoroughly enjoyed spending valuable time together with old friends, having many laughs and conversations about the delights and challenges of our lives with young children.

Jo, Jen, Cherida and I ate our way around Melbourne, sampling tasty morsels at the likes of Cumulus Inc.; Spicy Fish; The European; Journal Cafe; The Alchemist Bar; Taxi Kitchen; Cecconi’s and Dumpling Plus (sorry about link overload).  We were immersed in the razzle-dazzle of the Emporium Melbourne Shopping Centre and tried not to do too much damage to our credit cards!

I appreciate these weekends away ever so much and love returning home to my beautiful family after a rejuvenating break.  I also survived my first ever nights away from James –  thank you Nick for a super job with ‘Daddy Daycare’. 💋

Melbourne 20

Melbourne Shoes



Larni & Jen at Spicy Fish

The Alchemist Bar

Melbourne 41


Melbourne : Shopping : Girlfriends ♥

Ever the sentimental one – this time exactly two years ago I was in the delightful city of Paris for four days to wander to my heart’s content.  Ah Paris how I miss thee!

Shopping-Paris-Michi-GirlIt may not be Paris, but this morning I am off on my annual trip to Melbourne with the girls.  Jo, Jen, Cherida and I converge on this cultural delight and are swept away with being in a big city, away from the dependable cries of our wee ones and most importantly … being with each other.  💋


Melbourne ♥

Today I am loving seeing little Poppy after my mini-break in Melbourne with James and the girls.  I went in to say “Good Morning” to her this morning and without missing a beat, her response was:  “Nice holiday Mummy?”



Jen, Cherida and I enjoyed our last day in Melbourne yesterday by adding to our waistlines and our wardrobes!  We ate European food for breakfast and Vietnamese for lunch.  We shopped at all the old favourites whilst James literally slept like a baby!

Jen & Larni

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Sneaky Peek : Melbourne

Larni in Hunt Leather

I am in Melbourne … on a very quick trip with my dear girlfriends Jen & Cherida (oh and my little man, James). Every year we meet in Melbourne for a cultural sojourn, where we eat, shop, laugh and just enjoy each other, away from our everyday responsibilities!

Yesterday was no exception! We had lunch at Cumulus Inc., a wee shopping spree in the afternoon (although stopping to feed your eight week old baby curbs any over-spending) and a delicious dinner at the Chocolate Buddha in Federation Square.

Whilst we all enjoy the break from our children, ironically we ended up in the David Jones Children’s section purchasing little outfits for our cherubs at home. Our purchases used to include high heels and evening wear!

True to form (and tradition) we are off to The European this morning to savour some delightful breakfast fare, and then oh – more shopping before our 6 pm flight back to Hobart! Delightful.

Have 8 week old – can travel!  Xx

Hitting the shops

Jen & Larni


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