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An Italian Invitation

Poppy ScootingWhat we thought would be a quick walk to the beach yesterday afternoon, turned out to be an extended cultural expedition!

After popping a roast chicken in the oven as my sister was coming around for dinner, we grabbed the kids, the dog, the scooter and wandered down to Longpoint Beach to stretch our legs before dinner.

All was going well with Poppy scooting beautifully, James enjoying his pram ride and Maisy sniffing lots of dogs until we turned into our street and ran into local identity, MARIO and his dog Bridget.

Poppy used to cry every time she saw Mario and I was never quite sure if it was his thick Italian accent (despite him living in Australia for nearly 50 years), his pimped Gucci sunglasses that he wears regularly or his attempts to kiss her on both cheeks.  Over the past six months she has slowly warmed to him and yesterday greeted him like a long-lost friend with a big smile and a thumbs up.  🙂

Mario invited us in to meet his wife and without looking at my watch and thinking about the chicken in the oven at home, we agreed and accepted his kind invitation.  We were ushered into their beautiful home where I felt I had stepped into an Italian villa.  Out came the chocolates for Poppy and the whiskey for us.  I politely declined, mumbling something about having to feed James but Nick embraced the hospitality with gusto.

Their generous hospitality ensued and Poppy was on her second Lindt ball and Nick his second Glenfiddich.  James was in his element gooing and gaaing, looking around at all the amazing photos on the wall and before you knew it, it was nearly 6:00 pm.  I got the giggles as usually I run a tight ship during witching hour each day but we had abandoned ship tonight!

With another round about to be poured we both politely insisted that we would have to call it a night and get the children home.  After lots of double kisses goodbye Nick ran ahead to rescue the poor chicken in the oven and to greet my sister.

A classic spur of the moment where you accept an invitation and reap the benefits!  Cath had let herself in and the chicken was perfect.  Xx


Beach Walk

Beach Walk






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Tickle Monster



Lazy Sunday

I love Sundays.  They have a different feel about them compared to other days of the week.  Nick is mowing the lawns as I write – I love the smell of freshly cut grass.

Yesterday we went out on our boat – Tagus, with Sam for lunch.

We had our usual hot chicken from Lipscombe Larder, with fresh rye sourdough, soy mayo and avocado. Such simple pleasures!

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