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Le Chop ♥

So it all started with reading Le Chop by super stylish French blogger, Garance Dore.

Garance Dore

As I am nearing my 45th birthday (eek that sounds so old) I have started feeling well – like I am aging.  The lines on my face are becoming more pronounced and Poppy keeps telling me how many freckles I have.  My hair has always been the thorn in my side – thin and fine – the killer combination.  For years I have overcome these limitations by tying it back in a boring ponytail or up in a crazy bun to mix it up a bit.

I was starting to feel restless as the days are becoming longer and the air warmer, and then I read Le Chop.  That’s it – I need to cut my hair off, if Garance can do it, so can I!?  I would only entrust this job to my hairdresser that I have been seeing now for 9 or 10 years (I swear to god it is almost like a relationship in it’s own right) and as luck would have it, she managed to have a free appointment on Saturday afternoon.

I showed Alison my inspirational photo of Garance and was half expecting her to say – “Mmmm – not sure, think you may regret it“,  but no, she said, “Great let’s do it NOW”!


Ok, I might have had a moment of regret as she snipped off my limp ponytail but I trusted her and after more snip – snip – snip she styled it up and ba bam, here is the result:

Garance Dore

Le Chop

I am super happy with it – it feels so free and liberating and I think Garance would be proud.  Ok, so now for Nick and Poppy’s reaction on their return home this afternoon! xx

* Nick and Poppy both loved it … with Poppy exclaiming she would now like her hair cut like Mum’s!