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Little Grommets

BSM-&-GrommetsOur brave little man had an operation this morning for treatment with ‘grommets’ (middle-ear ventilation tubes).  After numerous ear infections, rounds of antibiotics and months of unsettled nights it was time to call in the big guns.

Arriving bright and early this morning at the hospital he was the model patient – smiling and charming all the nurses.  I felt so helpless as they administered him with the anesthetic and I felt his little body go limp.  An anxious twenty minutes later I was called up to recovery where the magic of a mum’s cuddle and some breast milk did wonders (as did more drugs)!

On the plus side, he experienced green jelly for the first time and received a Bravery Certificate.  We are home now and he is back to his cheeky self.  X

James in hospital

James in hospital

James in hospital

I don't want to have an operation!


Recovery and toast!

First smiles

Green jelly


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