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Sneaky Peek : The Great Commute

Great Commute

I’m not referring to the two-hour commute in your car, on the train or bike to work each day.  No, I am referring to the 20 metre walk from our house to the garage that I do numerous times a day – baby in arms, keys in mouth and bags, bags, bags on my arms.  What is in all these bags?

Pfffff no gym membership required here, as my combined total lift weight would be nudging 15 kilos with each trip.  Just when you think your arms are going to drop off Poppy chimes in with “Mummy, can you carry my bag, it’s too heavy”!  “SURE HONEY”!

Excuse the poor quality of my sketch – scanned via iPhone and I have also just realised my proportions are sightly out (small head, small waist, big feet and perty boobs … yeah right)!

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