Click : Click

Ever the sentimental one, I am quite obsessed with capturing ‘that’ perfect moment.  A moment when your son looks up at you with such love; that perfect sunrise or when your husband smiles at you and makes your heart skip a beat.

I know deep down that it is impossible to capture every emotional moment in life and sometimes I really wish I could let it go, as often I hear Poppy say ‘Oh Mum, no more photos!‘ or ‘Oh no, not again‘.

Life is continually evolving and I am confronted with so many amazing opportunities on a daily basis to freeze frame some of those moments.  I have albums upon albums of old photos tucked away in storage.  Photos that are now turning that slight tinge of yellow, but are still clearly depicting puffy teenage faces in their questionable fashion pieces.

Contradictory to my constant desire to ‘Snap, Snap, Snap’, I find that delving back into these musty smelling tomes is somewhat confronting.  Capturing moments allows for awkward feelings and questions to arise: ‘Did I really wear that?’  or ‘Wow, how long did I go out with him for?  

I know you can’t hold onto the past – but god damn it I’m going to try!  What will become of all those photos saved on phones, computers, external hard drives and old-school photo albums?

I will always ‘click : click’ and now with smartphones constantly in our pockets it makes it even easier – especially with the temptation of Instagram.  No more lugging around my big Canon DSLR – it is just a snap of an iPhone that satisfies my ‘click happy’ neuroticism!  Xx

One comment on “Click : Click

  1. Bec
    Sunday, 17 April 2016 at 5:45 am #

    Any tips on how to file, collate and store them all??? I find it stressful Bec x

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