Summer Boating

Photo by Nick Corkhill

Photo – Nick Corkhill

We have spent many nights on board the boat this summer and have been heading away as much as we can, catching up with our friends and enjoying the delights of cruising the D’entrecasteaux Channel, at its best.

We have found a rhythm as we have become more used to our boat since buying it last April.  James is a little older and although not fully out of the ‘trenches’, life is getting better on board.  They both sleep well each night, apart from the odd hiccup and I have organised myself better with a big toy box on board and loads of books, to keep them entertained.

Toy Box

We head to the beach at any opportunity, where a fire will be lit (providing it’s not high fire danger of course) and fresh flathead will be cooked.  The kids will often have their own little campfire where they cook their marshmallows.  They wallow in the shallows, go rock pooling, collect shells, entertain each other and create new childhood memories.  As a result, we are able to sit under a shady tree and enjoy good conversations and freshly caught seafood, cooked on the open flames.

Fresh FlattiesBest friends

At times we have friends come with us on board, or visit us for the day where we enjoy lunch together, fishing, paddle boarding and watching the kids jump off the boat.

Digger & CathLunch with friendsPaddle Boarding

Several weeks ago we took the dinghies into Simpsons Bay and walked up the Isthmus Track at the Neck on Bruny Island.  We saw penguins in their burrows and hiked the steep steps to be rewarded with a stunning view.

The NeckThe Neck on Bruny IslandThe next generation

We often gravitate back to my favourite beach – Little Fancy Bay, where the kids play for hours in the shallows before we are homeward bound – salty, sun-kissed and satisfied!  Xx

Freshly caught Abalone Freshly caught Flathead Poppy at Little Fancy The crewToy Box Nick and Brett Aitkens Point Fresh Flatties Marshmallows Summer Boating Smoochy cuddles Smoochy cuddles Simpsons Point Crazy crew Morning glory Popsy Morning glory Paddle Boarding Best friends Paddle Boarding Lunch with friends BBQ's ashore Heading back to the boat Pavlova The Neck Adventures on Adventure Bay Jamesy Three Highfield Dinghies Highfield Dinghies The Neck Little Fancy Bay

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