Juggle : Juggle

Winter flowers

It’s been an interesting week, with no time for blogging as poor little Pops has been quite unwell with high fevers and tonsillitis!  James is getting over (just) his ear infection and so it has been a bit of a juggle with demands at work and looking after sick little ones.

We have had some nice moments in between however – enjoying a fab 40th celebration for a friend on Saturday night, and a drink and dinner catch up with an old friend who was visiting from Melbourne.  Xx

Pigeon Whole Bakery

Franklin Restaurant & Bar

Richard's 40th

The Glasshouse

Three Dogs, Two Prams, Three Children, Two Mums

Slide at Bellerive Oval

Poppy's writing


James & Poppy

The Crew

Chester & James

The boys at Nutgrove

Poppy helping Mum at work

He's Off

Walk to work

Dolphin Spotting





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