Cracker Night


My husband loves fireworks!  Fortunately, one of my dear friends is an ‘official’ Pyrotechnician and owns Brightstar Fireworks.  We have enjoyed many a fine show over the years!

The classic ‘Bon Fire Night’ brings back many memories from my childhood, where we would gather with fellow farming families at Hagley and your Dad would light the big ‘bonny’ that he had been procuring with his tractor for several weeks.  The fires were so big you couldn’t actually stand beside them without melting your gumboots!  We would don our Bluey’s (woollen felted coats) hats and scarves and your brother would always threaten to throw a tom thumb into your ‘gummies’!

Tom Thumbs

There would be a haphazard display of roman candles, wailing wheels, fountains and sparklers … whilst your cousins would be running around, madly letting off Po-Ha’s.  My favourite was the Parachuter – we would chase after the elusive fella, trying not to trip over cow paddies in the dark and to beat your sisters to the prize.


We would bundle back in the ute, clutching our parachutes and return home cloaked in that familiar wood-fire-smoke smell … eagerly awaiting next May.

This short film – Cracker Bag, definitely takes me back to the 80’s where you saved your pocket-money and bought your fireworks at the local store.

Eddie spends her pocket-money obsessively hoarding fireworks and carefully planning for cracker night. When it finally it arrives, Eddie and her family head to the local football oval. In the frosty air Eddie lights the fuse of her first cracker and experiences a pivotal moment, one of the seemingly small experiences of childhood, that affects us for the rest of our lives.

Set in the 1980s, Cracker Bag is a gentle suburban observation which subtly reflects a disenchanting prelude to the coming of age.

Last Saturday night was no exception – our friends Jacinta and Brett hosted a fabulous show on their block.  The fire was as big as I remember from my childhood, the sausages were tasty and the fireworks were a total crowd pleaser … apart from our little Poppy who thought they were a little too loud!  Ah … until next May (or sooner)!




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