Sneaky Peek : Pesky Parasite


I have been really unwell for the past four months with symptoms including stomach cramping, nausea, lethargy and other lovelies which I will refrain from explaining.  I have lost 8/10 kilos and carrying James up our stairs became a feat in itself.

After numerous doctors appointments, blood and stool samples, a Colonoscopy and a Gastroscopy, I was becoming quite fearful of the results I would be faced with.  Was I looking down the barrel of Chrons, Coeliac Disease or worse??

It turns out I was harbouring a pesky parasite – a rare strain of Giardia that I may have picked up on the Mountain (Mt. Wellington) or from not washing my greens!  I have had Giardia before whilst hiking through the Himalaya in Nepal, but the telltale signs from that experience (sulphur anyone?) were remarkably different in this case.

So, with a diagnosis confirmed and a round of antibiotics in hand I am feeling back to my normal self.  Man, Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers should package up those pesky parasites for guaranteed results – I wouldn’t recommend the side effects though.

Time to fatten up for the festive season!  Xx

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