Popsy Daisy

Popsy Daisy

Poppy has been coming out with some absolute pearlers at the moment:

Mummy, my boobies will grow up and get bigger?

My tummy will get bigger and I’ll pop out a baby?

She then took me totally by surprise and asked:

Mummy, how do babies get in your tummy?

I wasn’t quite ready for that one and mustered up this very lame explanation (well it was 6:30 in the morning):

Well, Mummy and Daddy love each other and they kiss and then a baby grows inside.

Later that day when I was tucking her in to bed she said:

Mummy, I would really like a little sister.  Can you go and kiss Daddy and get a baby inside!

Mmmm … I think we will have to come up with a better answer for when those questions are fired again.

Popsy Daisy

Popsy Daisy

As for our little James, he is off and walking everywhere.  He loves exploring the garden (and those daisies) when he is not devouring avocados.






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