Off and …. Walking


James is on the move!  He has taken many tumbles and has numerous bruises to tell the tale, but he is now off and walking!  I love how he has such a look of determination and concentration on his face – shoulders up and tottering like he has had too many ales.  He he!







IMG_1860On Saturday I drove to Launceston to celebrate my dear friend Megs’ 40th Birthday Party, at Mud Bar.  Nick stayed at home with Poppy and James and I enjoyed a seamless trip in the car for two hours.  I cranked up the music and let my thoughts wander with no interruptions.

I had such a fun night catching up with old friends Pete, Simon and Liv and chuckled as Megs enjoyed her birthday celebrations with her friends … and her cocktails!  Gorgeous.  Xx

photo 4

photo 3

photo 1

photo 3

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