The Water Police

I’m the self-proclaimed ‘Water Police’ in our household – always making sure my peeps are well hydrated as I truly believe that drinking water is one of the keys to good health.

I have been lugging around my favourite Nalgene Water Bottle for over 10 years – it has had many adventures with me, but I often find it on the bulky side:

Nalgene Bottle

Nalgene Bottle

I recently came across the memobottle – a slimline bottle that is the shape of a piece of paper – now you’re talking:1408280582

Ever looked at your carry bag to realize that your water bottle is not worth the squeeze?  Resembling the shape of a piece of paper, the memobottle is a slimline, premium designed reusable water bottle which suitably slides into your favorite carry bag alongside your computer, books and valuables. The memobottle brings leak-proof hydration to a new level of style and efficiency.



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