Doctors & Deadlines

I have had a mad week and I am really glad it is Friday today.  Nothing like a little bit of pressure to add to the mix!

Firstly, our team at work decided to enter our Tour Guide Training Program into the 2014 Tourism Awards in the Education and Training Category.  This submission – a mere 5 questions totaling 30 pages in length was due in at 3pm on Wednesday.  I had been working on it for the past three weeks in between my teaching commitments and part-time capacity, but we had left it rather late due to our team’s existing work demands.

On Tuesday morning, James woke up very upset and was too unwell to go to daycare.  Off we went to the doctors in South Hobart … might I add to the best designed doctors I have ever seen!  The General Practice Plus Mountain Retreat surgery has even won a National Award for Commercial Architecture.

Mountain Retreat


Mountain Retreat

Unfortunately James was deemed unfit to go to care for the week as he had conjunctivitis.  I was quickly seeing our submission unraveling – ah the juggles of being a parent.  I stayed with him at home all morning with numerous phone calls bouncing between Nick, my sister, a babysitting agency and our godsend – Barb, James’ Grandmother.  She travelled down from Launceston to look after him for the next two days.

I whizzed into work and was overwhelmed by how much we still had to get done in less than 24 hours (and feeling guilty about leaving James).  My colleagues and I worked late on Tuesday night and then I continued at home until 11pm.  Wednesday was a very stressful day as I collated all the information received from our team – trying to get the formatting ‘just right’!  It was certainly down to the wire but we got it in … with 10 minutes to spare!  I don’t enjoy working under that amount of pressure – my perfectionist nature felt very compromised!  Ha ha!


James is now on the mend and I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend at home, enjoying spring flowers and wine!  X

Flowers and Wine

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